24 May 2022

MINISTERIAL STATEMENT: Federal Labor Government, Environment

Hon. MAJ SCANLON (Gaven—ALP) (Minister for the Environment and the Great Barrier Reef
and Minister for Science and Youth Affairs) (9.59 am):

I too would like to congratulate the Albanese Labor team. I look forward to working with a federal government that actually works with Queensland to drive down emissions, deliver action on climate change and protect our environment.

I am pleased to update the House with news that Queensland has been recognised as Australia’s
leading carbon-farming state in a first ever national assessment and report led by the Carbon Market
Institute. The recently released carbon-farming scorecard highlighted the Palaszczuk government’s
groundbreaking Land Restoration Fund, strong policy initiatives and ongoing partnerships with key
stakeholders. The Carbon Market Institute ranked each state, with Queensland earning the top score
of 80 per cent. This excellent result reflects our leading role in delivering carbon projects that generate
environmental and economic co-benefits, with the LRF the first scheme in Australia to value and pay
for the strong co-benefits associated with carbon-farming projects.

This means Queensland landholders are not just paid for the carbon they store; they will also
benefit from longer term outcomes like healthier waterways, increased habitat for threatened species
and more resilient landscapes. One example is producers like Dan and Emma-Jane Burnham from
Central Queensland, who work with environmental project developers GreenCollar. They said they had
seen significant, positive changes to the ecosystems on their property, Stonehaven, since getting
involved in carbon farming. Emma-Jane said—
"It is something we are really proud of and hope to pass on to the next generation."

GreenCollar’s chief operating officer, Nerida Bradley, agreed and said—

"The projects we are developing under the LRF scheme are some of the first to tangibly demonstrate the value of biodiversity improvements alongside carbon abatement and sequestration and are setting the standard for carbon projects across the country."


Following on from our strong results, other states across Australia are now replicating the LRF’s
successful model of paying farmers, First Nations communities and other land managers to run carbon
projects that generate co-benefits. The Palaszczuk government will continue to lead the country by
supporting carbon farming initiatives to tackle climate change and empower First Nations and regional