Shout out for schoolies volunteers

20 October 2022

Minister for the Environment and the Great Barrier Reef and Minister for Science and Youth Affairs

The Honourable Meaghan Scanlon


Preparations for the country’s biggest end of school celebrations are gearing up, with the Palaszczuk Government today putting out the call for volunteers to help soon-to-be graduates celebrate their achievements safely.


Youth Affairs Minister Meaghan Scanlon said hundreds of volunteers were needed on the Gold Coast to give a helping hand at the free schoolies entertainment hub and writsband centre, as well as provide support for graduates through food preparation, roving street patrols, a safe escort to their accommodation and other support services.


“Schoolies is a time for celebration – of the hard work of our amazing students, and of the bright future they have ahead of them – and the last thing we want is for those celebrations to turn sour,” Minister Scanlon said.


“Schoolies is a rite of passage for so many Queenslanders and a huge boon for local tourism providers, supporting good jobs and promoting our great lifestyle.


“As someone who celebrated Schoolies just over 10 years ago, I can remember seeing the important work the vollies did to help us have not just a good time, but also a safe time.


“As a vollie, you’ll be the first point of contact for many school leavers who need assistance meeting up with their friends, getting to the entertainment, accessing support services or even just being a listening ear.


Minister Scanlon said the response volunteers will work closely with community organisations, local and state government agencies to deliver vital safety and support services to those celebrating on the Gold Coast.


“Safer Schoolies volunteers provide a friendly face that young people can trust, to give advice and support when needed. Volunteers also occasionally help emergency service personnel.


“This is a rewarding way for people to help keep young Queenslanders, and the broader community, keep safe while learning new skills and gaining community service experience.”


Long-term volunteer Manfred Ballin, who is preparing for his fifteenth year of assisting schoolies, authorities and other volunteers at the Gold Coast, says he loves helping out.


“It started back in the nineties when I was a groundsman at the Palm Beach State School and a couple of parents had some of their high school children attending Schoolies,” Mr Ballin said.


“They asked if I would like to assist them, and we made up the team and it was great to see that many young people having a good time.


“I worked closely with the parents who actually met their teenagers during our rounds and I was very happy to see that Schoolies was well run with all the support teams.


“It is an important time for schoolies, for the Gold Coast and for the parents and the volunteers who work hard to make sure the schoolies are looked after and can enjoy themselves.”


Palm Beach volunteer Jodie Smith joined the Safer Schoolies Response Team in 2021 because she lived in Surfers Paradise at the time and acts as a mentor to lots of young educators.


“I received a high level of support and communication across the whole experience, and new volunteers such as myself were teamed up with experienced volunteers who were willing to share their knowledge and experience on the ground,” Ms Smith said.


“The level of support for the school leavers completely exceeded my expectations and I saw firsthand the hugely positive impacts the Safer Schoolies Response Team has.


“This could be as simple as handing out a bottle of water, or providing advice or directions, and I’m looking forward to returning this year with lots to give and even more to learn.”


This year’s event will run from Saturday 19 November to Friday 25 November 2022 and volunteers at Schoolies must be aged 19 or over, undergo training, be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and hold a valid Blue Card.


To register visit: MyImpactPage - Application Form - Safer Schoolies Gold Coast Response (




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