08 December 2023

Acting Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning and Minister Assisting the Premier on Olympic and Paralympic Games Infrastructure

The Honourable Meaghan Scanlon


  • Queenslanders are being urged to Get Ready for the possible effects of Tropical Cyclone Jasper.
  • With the cyclone currently forecast to cross the Queensland coast next week, now is the time to make the necessary preparations to stay safe.
  • People in areas expected to be affected should have an emergency plan prepared and their emergency kit packed.
  • The Queensland Reconstruction Authority is ready to support communities should the cyclone cross the coast.


Queenslanders are being encouraged to take three simple steps to get ready for the possible impacts of Tropical Cyclone Jasper - understand their risk, prepare a household emergency plan, and pack an emergency kit.


With the cyclone currently expected to cross the Queensland coast next week, now is the time to make the necessary preparations to stay safe.


Research shows that less than half of all Queenslanders have already prepared their home and family by understanding how extreme weather can interrupt their lives, planning what they will do, and having supplies to keep them safe and comfortable.


An emergency kit containing long-life food, drinking water, a radio, a torch, spare batteries and toiletries will help families stay safe if the shops are closed, or if water or power supplies are disrupted.


Queenslander should ensure that they have supplies at home, that they have an emergency plan in place, and that their insurance policy is up to date.


The Queensland Reconstruction Authority’s disaster management plans are in place and operational and its officers are ready to support affected communities and local councils should the need arise.


The Get Ready Queensland website, www.getready.qld.gov.au, has more information to help people prepare for the effects of severe weather.


Quotes attributable to Acting Minister responsible for the QRA Meaghan Scanlon:


“Although we are hoping for the best, the threat posed by severe weather is real and people need to be prepared for its possible effects,” Ms Scanlon said.


““We are ready to support communities should Tropical Cyclone Jasper cross the coast.


“I would urge all Queenslanders to Get Ready now - understand your local risk, prepare a household emergency plan if the worst happens, and pack an emergency kit.”


Quotes attributable to Queensland Reconstruction Authority Chief Executive Officer Major General Jake Ellwood (Retd):


“QRA is currently working closely with Councils and will continue to check in and support Local Disaster Management Groups over the coming days,’ Mr Ellwood said.


“In the meantime, I encourage everyone to Get Ready by having their emergency plan in place and their emergency kit packed, and if you’re on the roads remember - If it’s flooded forget it.


“We know from past experience that communities that are prepared are more resilient and recover better from the impacts of severe weather.”




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