Final preparations as Schoolies get set to enjoy

18 November 2022

Minister for the Environment and the Great Barrier Reef and Minister for Science and Youth Affairs

The Honourable Meaghan Scanlon


Event organisers and volunteers are making their final checks and preparations as 20,000 graduates head to the Gold Coast for annual Schoolies celebrations.


Youth Affairs Minister Meaghan Scanlon said nine government agencies, the City of Gold Coast, seven community partners and more than 1,100 volunteers were ready to provide better services and help school leavers celebrate safely.  


“Schoolies on the Gold Coast is a rite of passage for many Queenslanders, and I’m excited for this year’s graduates to have a great time,” Minister Scanlon said.


“To support celebrations, we’re rolling out:


The Schoolies Hub from 7pm – midnight on Surfers Paradise Beach

Wristbands to identify legitimate school leavers

An integrated health and wellbeing space

Chill Out and recharge zones

Our own Schoolies Support Team (SST) volunteers


“The safer schoolies response is packed with fun events and is designed to keep people safe. As usual, there will be an increased presence of police and first responders to help keep you safe, but of course it’s important to look after yourself and your mates.


“The Gold Coast is a wonderful place to put the stresses of exams behind you, but make sure to keep in touch with your parents or carers so they’re stress free as well.


“Police will be working with our volunteers, partner agencies and schoolies to make sure the week is safe and successful.


Schoolies runs from Saturday 19 November to Friday 25 November, and the 2022 Safer Schoolies Gold Coast Response will deliver identification and diversionary activities, as well as vital safety and support services to Year 12 school leavers.


Minister Scanlon said the week would also provide a significant boost the for the local economy, with it injecting some $30 million before COVID hit.


“I know plenty of businesses and accommodation providers are looking forward to the increase number of visitors – but as always, be respectful and patient.


Minister Scanlon said the Schoolies Week tradition first started on the Gold Coast in 1980, when a bunch of students ran down the beach and dove into the water while wearing their school uniforms.


“Back then, the school-leavers gathered at the Broadbeach Hotel, and now the options for schoolies are far more entertaining and better managed,” she said.


“I encourage all Schoolies to reach out to our volunteers and our partner agencies for advice and assistance if necessary or visit the Chill Out Zones to relax.”


Schoolies by the numbers:


1 mantra: Be Safe and Watch Your Mates


2 DJ music stages: In The Hub on Surfers Paradise Beach


4 kilometres: Of fencing within the Surfers Paradise precinct


7 Days: The 2022 Response runs from 19-25 November


19: 19 Government and NGO partners will deliver the 2022 Gold Coast Safer Schoolies Response


25 years: Of the Chill Out Zones in Surfers Paradise


35 years ago: Rosies - Friends on the Street was born at Schoolies in 1987


46 percent: Of 2021 schoolies aged 18 or above


53 percent: Of 2021 schoolies came from outside the Gold Coast


60 sessions: Safer Schoolies education sessions delivered in SEQ schools


80 percent: Of calls received by Red Frogs in 2021 were for walk homes and pancake requests


160: Schoolies Support Team (SST) volunteers


1100: Volunteers across the 2022 Gold Coast Safer Schoolies Response


1400: People in total working on the 2022 Gold Coast Safer Schoolies Response


2003: The year the official Safety Response was established


4000: Students reached this year through the Safer Schoolies education sessions


15,719: Year 12 school leavers attended the Gold Coast in 2021


20,000: The expected number of school leavers coming to the Gold Coast in 2022


70,000: Hours worked to support the annual Safer Schoolies operations


96,957: Total visits to The Hub in 2021


128,600: Cups of water given out in the Recharge Zones




Media contact: Francis Dela Cruz - 0420 592 078