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LNP doesn’t care about workers on the Gold Coast being ripped off

May 21, 2018

The LNP has showed its clear lack of concern for Queensland workers, by voting against a Parliamentary Inquiry into wage theft last week.

Member for Gaven, Meaghan Scanlon said the Government had the support of cross-benchers for the Inquiry to proceed, but the LNP opposed the motion.

“The Premier announced on Labour Day that the Government would move a motion in Parliament to establish a Parliamentary Inquiry into unpaid wages – and that’s exactly what we have done,” she said.

“The Education, Employment and Small Business Committee will now look into the very serious issue of wages theft in Queensland.

“Whether that be underpayment, unpaid super, unpaid penalty rates, unauthorised deductions from pay, unpaid work trials, the misuse of ABNs and sham contracting to deny workers their proper entitlements, it is workers’ money that is being withheld from them.”

Meaghan Scanlon said when workers on the Gold Coast head off to work each day, they expect to return home safely and they expect to receive a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

“But for too many workers, this is not the reality,” she said.

“During a period of historically low wages growth, there is an even bigger problem that some workers are not even getting the pay they are entitled to.

“Barely a day goes by without a story of a worker being ripped off. This is fast becoming a national disgrace. We have all seen the high profile reported cases of 7 Eleven, Dominos, Pizza Hut and Caltex to name a few, but sadly this is probably only the tip of the iceberg.

“We are not going to stand by and watch this happen.

“We want to shine a light on what is happening, why it is happening, and what we need to do about it – whether at a state level, or at a federal level where much of the responsibility lies.

“It is not good enough for the LNP to bleat that this is outside our jurisdiction.

“The Palaszczuk Government is concerned about Queensland workers, regardless of which jurisdiction they fall in.

“Given the Turnbull Government has refused to take action, Queensland will do all it can at a state level. We encourage workers and all interested parties to participate in the Parliamentary Inquiry and make submissions for how we can bring an end to this insidious practice.”

The Education, Employment and Small Business Committee will report to the Parliament by 16 November 2018 on the problem of wage theft in Queensland.


Media contact: Gaven Electorate Office, 5560 7100